Business Central SaaS Pricing

With the Business Central SaaS model, you eliminate the need to install and run applications on your own computers or in your own data center. There’s no hardware or software to purchase and install. With the SaaS model, you subscribe on a monthly basis using the pay as you go model.

Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS is targeted at medium-sized companies and is also attractive to smaller businesses that have outgrown their entry-level accounting system and need a true ERP system with which they can streamline business processes and continue to grow. The SaaS version of Business Central isn’t necessarily the best choice for companies with more complex needs where customization is required.

Business Central SaaS offers:

  • Low Cost of Entry
  • Easy Access via a Web Browser
  • Predictable monthly expense, easy to budget for
  • Automatic updates, no maintenance to perform
  • Flexibility to scale number of users and services

Graphic of Pricing for Business Central