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Business Security: Are Your Systems Safe? Post by: Lynne Hade October 13, 2014 | 10:24 AM


With the increasing number of security threats faced by businesses everywhere, most business owners have adopted some form of security measures in an effort to keep their companies secure. But, how do you know the measures you’ve implemented are actually keeping your systems safe? Here are five ways to tell if your security measures aren’t sufficient.

1. Open wireless networks

Wireless networks are one of the most common ways businesses allow their employees to get online. With one main Internet line and a couple of wireless routers, you can have the whole office online. This method of connecting saves money, but there is an innate security risk with this and that is an unsecure network.

Simply plugging in a wireless router and creating a basic network doesn’t mean you are secure. If you don’t set a password on your routers, then anyone within range can connect. Hackers are known to target these networks. With fairly simple tools and a bit of know-how, they can start capturing data that goes in and out of the network, and...

Microsoft Office 365 Whitepaper - Security and Compliance Post by: Lynne Hade September 29, 2014 | 11:44 AM

"Information security is an essential consideration for all IT organizations around the world. In addition to the prevalence of information technology, the complexity of delivering access to services from a growing number of devices, platforms, and places than ever before forces information security to be a paramount matter. Multi-device access benefits your users, especially with the consumerization of IT, but broader access represents another potential attack surface. At the same time, organizations face ever-evolving cyber-threats from around the world that target users who may accidentally lose or compromise sensitive data.

When you consider moving your organization to cloud services to store your data and various productivity services, the security concerns add another layer of consideration. That consideration is one of trust. You have to be able to trust your service provider to take care of the key expectations around processing and managing your data - security, privacy and compliance.

The construct for security, compliance, and privacy for Office 365 has two equally important dimensions. The first dimension includes service-level...

Ready for iPhone 6? Check out this Blog Before Selling your Old Phone! Post by: Lynne Hade September 15, 2014 | 10:59 AM


With the release of the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus, a lot of people will be upgrading and selling their phones. However, you most likely have a number of apps that contain personal information. To protect yourself you should de-authenticate apps before getting rid of your current device.

What is de-authentication?

Some apps require that you authenticate your device in order for them to work. Many developers who ask users to authenticate their device do it to either prevent copies of the software from being created and utilized, or to ensure that the device and app can communicate securely.

The main reason many developers require authentication is connected to security. As security is becoming an ever more pressing issue, there is a good chance that we will see more apps asking users to authenticate their devices in the future.

The issue with this is that when you go to sell your device you will likely need to purchase the app again or the buyer of the device won’t be able to set up...