Choosing a Microsoft Office 365 Business Plan


Office 365

Office 365 offers a variety of business plans and they come with a lot of valuable features to fit every business size and need. But, which plan should you choose? Below are some comparisons to help guide you to make the right decision.

Find Important Emails with Ease using Microsoft Outlook Search

Microsoft Outlook is an application included in the Microsoft Office Suite. While it’s most commonly used to access different email accounts e.g., personal and business, it also has other features, including calendar, contacts, and tasks. It also comes with a search folder that lets you instantly find messages that fall under certain criteria.

Share Information with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

When you started your business, everyone was probably working in the same room – or at least the same building. Collaboration was a given, and communication didn’t need much support.  As your business grows, a more dispersed workforce needs help to keep them connected. Dynamics NAV can provide the foundation to share the information across departments that keeps employees working in synch.

Connect departments for better service

Internet Explorer Zero-Day Security Flaw

For many businesses, a web browser is one of the most important tools you use on a daily basis. Being in marketing, I use it every day because of the number of web based tools I use. Most Windows users use Internet Explorer (IE) since it’s automatically installed on all Windows computers. If you are using this browser you need to be aware of a recent security flaw.

What is it?

Processes Managed Outside of ERP can Put Your Business at Risk

Most businesses using an entry level accounting system or legacy ERP application manage many of their processes outside of the system, usually with spreadsheets. These workarounds as their called may even keep the business running pretty smoothly. They are easier than replacing the system and less expensive than a custom application.

The risk of spreadsheets