Go Green at the Office

If your office is like mine (was)… you see a lot of office waste.  Here are a few things, most of which are free, that we’ve used in our office to be just a little more friendly to the earth:

Recycling old ink/toner cartridges with your business’ local office supply store (we use Staples).  Not only is this typically free, but frequently they will credit your account a couple dollars.

Reuse paper that is printed on only one side, but not needed (like all those junk faxes you get).  Encourage staff to reuse this paper as scrap paper or to print out drafts of documents.

Find a local hardware recycler that will pick up used computer equipment and recycle it.  You’d be surprised to know that many of them do this at no charge (Our office uses Northeast Material Handling).  Gone are the days that you have to pay for recycling your old computer equipment.

Purchase printers that print on both sides of the paper (called Duplex Printing) AND encourage your staff to use both sides for printing.

Encourage staff to use coffee mugs instead of disposable Styrofoam or paper cups.

Start a battery recycling effort and encourage staff to bring in batteries from home for recycling. We use www.biggreenbox.com (which does charge a fee).

These are just some of the steps we’ve taken in our office to lighten the load on our landfills.

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