Hosted Solutions

Competitive Edge Services offers you a variety of hosted solutions designed to meet the continuity, security, and data protection challenges of your business.

From server virtualization to data backup to colocation services, you choose the options that best suit your business’ needs.

Hosted Backup
Consider leaving cumbersome backups behind. We’ll create backups of your business environment and store them in our data center. In the event of data loss on premise, Competitive Edge can restore the data.


Server Virtualization
Virtualize as many servers as needed. Introduce redundancy and high availability to your business critical services.

Environment Virtualization
Get worry free IT by virtualizing all your servers in our data center. Competitive Edge Services manages and monitors all of your systems. Through environment virtualization, you can access your network anywhere in the event of a disaster.

Recovery time costs your business time and money in lost productivity. If you have virtualization, Competitive Edge can provide the availability to store your businesses virtual machines on our platform. And, in the event of a disaster, Competitive Edge will have your servers back online in a matter of hours to keep your business running.

Hosted Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Whether you buy or bring your own license or pay for monthly subscription licensing, you can access NAV anytime - anywhere from our secure data center. 

Managed Colocation Services
With colocation services, your hardware and software is secured in our data center. Redundant power and Internet access ensures you can run your business from anywhere at any time. The plan includes a certified technician in charge of your technology, proactively managing the configuration and updating software.