Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training

New: Are you a business operating in Massachusetts looking for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training? If so, check out our courses on the Massachusetts Department of Workforce Development. When you apply for the Mass Workforce Training Fund Express Program, you get back 50% of the cost upon completion!

When it comes to technology, knowledge is power. Knowing what your technology is capable of, and knowing how to most efficiently find and access information is key to maximizing the power of your IT infrastructure, as well as to streamlining operations and decreasing operating costs.

Too often, individuals are insufficiently trained on the software their company runs on. Our training process brings everyone up-to-speed:

Strategize with Key Users
We'll work closely with key users of your company's software to determine the best way to design the training program.

Design a 'Test' Company
This mock company will be fully populated with data, enabling users to learn the functionality of your software system by using familiar data that is easy for them to understand and follow.

Data Entry
Your users will populate the mock company with data. This is a great exercise to help familiarize users with your software system.

We train your key users and get them involved in the user training process to help save on implementation costs and develop a solid internal support team.

Overview Training
Ensures that all users understand the basics of your software system and are trained the same way - even in companies with high turnover.

Let us help train your team today.